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About us

Torry Productions is your one-stop-shop for all of your production needs. We offer our clients everything from web design to rental cars; if your project calls for it, we’re the ones who answer the phone. Founded in 2017, Torry Productions has helped a plethora of businesses and artists reach their goals.


Just opened a Nail Salon? Let us do all the footwork for you so you can focus on what’s important, your business! We’ll design your company logo, your company website, your business cards. We’ll shoot and edit your company’s commercials. Don’t worry we work with known actors so if you’re camera shy, we’ll have a professional sit in front of the camera to represent your business. Don’t have marketing experience? Most business owners don’t, don’t let that stop your business from thriving! We have a team of professional screenwriters and marketing agents to develop a custom commercial tailored to your specific business.


Need a video shoot? We got you covered; everything from cameras and microphones, to directing and editing. Whether your a mom and pop shop just trying to get your new business off the ground or your a musician who needs a music video; Torry Productions will handle it all. You’re a rapper who needs more than just video equipment for your music video? We got you covered; from luxury cars to mansions. We’re partnered up with the hottest exotic rental car company in Los Angeles. We have various properties you can utilize for your shoot! All you have to worry about is showing up, we’ll take it from there.